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Updated 7/26/2020

The items on this page are generally available for trade or giveaway. In lieu of monetary payment I ask you consider making a tax deductible donation to the Internet Archive.

If you have a collection of retro materials you need to go to a good home please contact me. I am happy to store and distribute your donations to retro enthusiasts in need. 


2 Copies Extended 80-column Text Card Supplement (For //e Only)

4 Copies AppleColor RGB Monitor Owner’s Guide

About Your Enhanced Apple IIe: User Guide

A Touch of AppleSoft Basic

Apple II Super Serial Card User’s Manual

2 Copies Super Serial Card: Installation and Operating Manual

2 Copies Apple II System Disk User’s Guide

The DOS Manual

Apple IIc Owner’s Manual

Apple //e Owner’s Manual

5 Copies ProDOS User’s Manual

6 Copies Apple IIe Owner’s Manual

Monitor II User’s Manual

2 Copies Apple ][ Reference Manual (one missing cover)

3 Copies AppleSoft Basic Programming Reference Manual

2 Copies The AppleSoft Tutorial

Apple II UniDisk Owner’s Manual

80-Column Text Card Manual

Apple IIgs Owner’s Guide

AppleWorks Reference Manual

2 Copies AppleWorks Tutorial

2 Copies DOS User’s Manual (for II, II+, //e)

2 Copies DOS Programmer’s Manual (for II, II+, //e)

AppleWorks Quick Reference Card